Choose a Growth Mindset. Choose Happiness.

If there is one thing that could completely transform the way you live life, it is the ‘Growth Mindset’. And what better way to introduce this, than right at the beginning of the new year. Choosing a growth mindset inoculates you from adversity and false expectations. It also helps you balance the highs of exhilaration.

The good, the bad, the ugly, are all opportunities. Opportunities to stretch and explore our limits. Opportunities to know what we can do better. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to fall and get up, stronger with the learning. Choosing a growth mindset helps you find your balance between the absence and the presence. It is anchored in the fact that nothing is conclusive. Nothing at all.

So the next time you do something really well, don’t say you nailed it, capture your learning instead, that inch of new growth, acknowledge that. The next time you fall and bounce back, observe the pattern. The next time you get frustrated, before you try again, focus on the effort. The micro-learnings are your story. We are all growing and that is the only truth. So as you discover how to be authentic and believing in your purpose, choosing a growth mindset can be your reliable navigator, and keep you on track!

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

#bestofyourself series

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