Choose a Growth Mindset. Choose Happiness.

If there is one thing that could completely transform the way you live life, it is the ‘Growth Mindset’. And what better way to introduce this, than right at the beginning of the new year. Choosing a growth mindset inoculates you from adversity and false expectations. It also helps you balance the highs of exhilaration. The…

Care Less|Be Happier

He always met me grinning eye to eye, cheating time and space, as if we were never apart. He loved standing on his favourite spot overlooking the fairytale valley to greet family and guests alike. And he waited patiently with his dew drop eyes for a smile, a conversation or a pat on his back….

Be the light

Take that step, make that call, be the light…there are many counting on you, especially you! Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.  Photo: Ravi Patel

James Radcliffe | Authentic. Raw. Refreshing.

Like a friend, he shares his journey, fan mail, coffee beans or a travel trend, micro moments, childlike delight, and thoughts navigating through each bend. A philosopher at heart,  he sprinkles inspiration pearls, nurturing his community cart, packaging emotions, embracing feedback,  he builds bridges through art. A musician and artist, He holds back nothing, except…