Develop Focus. Invest for enrichment.

On your path to achieve your purpose, installing the right environment is very important. An environment to develop focus and root for learning, which can help you become better equipped to achieve success. And in your hamster-roll lives, you need to set aside time and resources to make this work. Try labelling your days as zones where you only want to reflect, learn, with depth and intent. In this journey, choose your peers, resources wisely. Look for inspired, ultra-productive, relentless and creative individuals and groups who can help stretch your challenges and goals. Focus on a few things, but aim for world-class value. Build a plan, carve out the time, align it to your purpose and give it everything you have. Push yourself…move from excuses to results, distraction to concentration, stagnation to optimisation, past to future obsessed and from week-week patterns to generation-generation impact.

Be fanatical as a learner. The more you learn, the more you can achieve. If your commitment is sharp and relentless on areas that matter and your thirst for learning helps you stay focused on the hard work and not the excuses, you are on the right path. Mastery for a the pride of a job well done is a stretch, but is also equally rewarding. The beauty of learning is that the more you push your limits of learning, the more the limits will expand, helping you soar. This process begins with falling in love with your craft or vision, your purpose and then ‘Creating Luck’ with grit and determination. Like everything else, this is a process and takes time. Make time for this and observe how tall your bounce is from this deep pursuit of world-class learning. Make it count!

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

#bestofyourself series

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