Belief in your Purpose

Are we all born for a purpose? Is there a calling for each of us? While authenticity is an important anchor, our true transformation only comes with an understanding and a belief in our purpose. We are like no one else, in any way. And we need to acknowledge and nurture that.

So ask yourself, what is that aching purpose that you have been drowning with logical arguments to rationalise mediocrity or simply your lack of courage? Who would you like to do this for and what change can you bring about? And if the answer carries a beautiful, inspiring fragrance that lights you up, you know what your purpose is.

Your purpose truly defines you, your values, your beliefs, your potential. So rescue it from where it is buried, below the pile of excuses, and make a beginning. Don’t wait for life to come back with a time check, that makes you look back in regret. Instead, take that leap and lend yourself to that purpose, to bring it to life. It is waiting for you, and deep down you know, so are you! Give yourself what you truly deserve – ‘The best of yourself.’

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

#bestofyourself series

Photo: Ravi Patel

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