The Sunset Love Diaries #4

What can I say, ‘she sets my heart ablaze! It is so difficult to get through the day, my head heavy with her thoughts, deliciously fragrant, super delicate and saccharine sweet. And the sunset, gosh why does it take a whole night and day for another one!’

‘Sunsets have a special place in my life now. I mean I can write sonnets on this, even when I barely cleared my poetry examination. There is music in the air, matching the rhythm in our hearts. The orchestra shifts from romantic to dramatic, joined by the melodious birds figure-flying in the sky, the occasional clouds sneaking in to enjoy the attention the sun gets at this time of the evening.’

‘I can live my whole life through these colourful, exciting, fufilling sunsets. It must be magic or a dream. Turns out it was!’

To be continued…

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

Photo inspiration by Ravi Patel

Click here for #3

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