The Sunset Love Diaries #5

I did not see her for weeks. 16 sunsets to be precise. I didn’t know her name or where she lived. I suffered in silence, watched the sunset alone and fought the pain in my heart. A sharp, stabbing pain. I held back soft sobs. I was miserable. Sunsets were no longer beautiful.

Today was Day 17. I dragged myself to the same spot everyday. But my heart had not lost hope. To my surprise, she was back. She was sitting at the same place, head down, her hair a willow tree cascade. Even before I reached her, I could sense something sad. She looked up – sunken cheeks, bruised lips and furrowed forehead – ‘This is someone else,’ I said in denial. Her lips quivered and she broke down and hugged me tight, her whole body trembling. I felt her tears soak my shoulders and tasted mine in this sullen-salty moment. The gloomy clouds welled with pain and smothered the sunset’s sheen.

To be continued…

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.seal

Photo inspiration Ravi Patel

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