The Sunset Love Diaries #3

It was a cloudy evening. The sun and clouds were playing hide and seek. The breeze was crisp, cool and refreshing. The kind that makes you forget all your worries. We were both waiting to view the sunset, sitting three inches closer on our third date. ‘You know why I love sunsets?’ she asked me, and then paused, looking at me, as if it was a cue to answer. I didn’t. I knew it was more of a teaser than a question. ‘Because it is so romantic, the colours, the mood. Look at how today it’s more dramatic with the flirty clouds,’ she said smiling ear to ear as she pushed her palms down on the wall where we were sitting and closed her eyes soaking in the moment.

I looked at her hands, soft translucent skin, slim fingers. My hand moved towards hers and I gently placed my sweaty palm on her hand. She immediately looked at me with a quizzed look, her droplet eyes wide open, her soft lips parted open. It was difficult to read what was on her mind. I quickly retreated. I did not even have time to process that micro-second touch. Instead I immediately shifted base into her pretty head. ‘What would she be thinking?’ I asked myself.

She moved towards me and held my hand. ‘What do you think of the sunset?’ she asked me. ‘I think this is perfect, you, me, the sunset,’ I wanted to say, but I gulped down that response, instead I said,’Yes it is beautiful and perfect!’ She inched closer, took my arm, entwined in hers and leaned on my shoulder, looked up in my eyes and whispered, ‘No, now it is!’ The perfect sunset, mirrored our feelings, shy and red in the face, beaming behind the willowy clouds.

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.  seal

Photo inspiration by Ravi Patel

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