The Solitude Salesman – Part 3

Continued from here

‘We’re almost there!’ I told him. He looked up exhausted, from where he sat on the corner of the stairs, dangling his legs mid air. No response.

I joined him, sat right next to him and one after the other released my tired legs to enjoy the air. It felt nice!

He looked down at the valley and then at me and said, ‘I never knew we would come so far!’

‘It’s just us and nature!’

A crow greeted us as he flew past.

‘No noise, no distractions, no deadlines…wow! I am so glad we did this!’

Then he picked up a stray crooked stick, like a pen, and started drawing something in the soil right beside me.

He drew a circle. Then another one within it.

He pointed to the smaller circle and said, ‘This is my space, and it deserves my script!’

He looked up to me, nodding, processing his own thought in his mind, with that look that says – I am on my path!

‘Why are you so quiet?’ he asked me.

I lovingly placed my hand on his shoulder, smiling as I looked him in the eye and I said, ‘because there is nothing to say.’

Alka Sharma

Al rights reserved







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