The Solitude Salesman : Part 2

Continued from here

‘You’ve changed over the years,’ he exclaimed. ‘In a good way I mean.’

‘I know,’ I smiled back and gently placed my hand on his back in agreement.

‘I don’t understand how this works…being away from life as we know it?’ His eye brows

carrying the weight of the question.

‘Logic won’t serve you the answer,’ I replied. ‘It has its limitations, its language understood only by our brain.’

He stopped, took a good look at me and said,’But we have jobs, families waiting for us…roles to fulfill?’

I laughed out loud… ‘And what makes you think that you were doing enough? A missing core cannot compensate with an ornate cover.’

He gave me a quizzed look. As he was processing the response, I continued.

‘Don’t let logic cripple you my friend,’ I placed my hand on his shoulder this time. ‘ We need to shed that dead weight right here. Logic is not a valid currency, where we are headed.’

Alka Sharma

All rights reserved


More to come…
















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  1. Alok says:

    V Good and thought provoking


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