Salaam to Sultan

What makes a movie successful? A gripping story, heart-tugging emotional appeal or great performances?

A movie is successful, when it changes the game completely. When you can feel the texture of the plot, the angst of the protagonist and when you feel the inspiration that the movie nurtures. 

For starters this is a Salman Khan movie. But this movie does not celebrate Salman, or for that matter Sultan. It celebrates the old-fashioned helpless romantic lovers. It captures the dreams and pride of the brave rustic non-English-medium heroes. It gives sportstars their due respect by highlighting their golden toil in the soil. It tells the story of gut, gumption, never giving up and fighting for dignity. 

Sultan is inspiration with a punch, and packages a realistic story with with even more realistic characters…where you can see them up and close complete with their flaws, mistakes and suffering. You also witness their glory.

Salman delivers a compelling performance, historic just like the character Sultan. Anushka matches his caliber. Star power, a well written script, honest portrayals, perfect pace and a heart-tugging tear jerker, you can’t ask for more. Move over people, there is a new benchmark in movies. 

Salman fans have a reason to rejoice. And that means anyone who watches this movie. Because you cannot appreciate Sultan, without respecting Salman. Here’s to bhai!

#Sultan # SalmanKhan

Alka Sharma

All rights reserved


Photo: The Hindu

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  1. Alok says:

    V nice!!!! I would like to see this movie.


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