Love and Labels

I know this is really late for a Valentine blog, so I will just call it an afterthought and not a planned one. In the spirit of being in the moment, I wanted to share some observations on the mighty love and the new labels that define or dilute it in today’s world ( What else do you expect from a middle-aged person?).

Like most aspects, we choose to interpret relationships according to our convenience. And with a million options ( Really? -‘You have no idea, that’s not an exaggeration’) it only gets worse. So we have people going round in circles trying to create and recreate new models which can suit their needs and make it as convenient as possible.

Honestly, I have seen three distinct generations and how they have defined ‘LOVE’. And all of them are so different, that it is difficult to believe I have witnessed it all in one life ( I am not even euphoric, I am kind of sad!).

I, Me, Myself

“Whatever suits me, however I want, whenever I want it…it’s my life. And yes, judgement is passe’ so please excuse us, we are not interested.”

Relationships are now only about the person, not the other person.

The Seductive Chase

“I can get better, I can get more, I can get someone richer, more good looking, more interesting. I mean, just look at all these profiles, and more that pour in everyday. Yes, I got one more superlike!”

Love is replaced by dopemine and experienced with every ping, and missed with every awaited ping. We live in the make believe world of options. No wonder real-estate is down.

No Labels Please, We Understand English

“Let us be friends, and meet and see how it goes…(well who cares, I have enough options!). And yes, no guarantees, we are not labelled you see!”

All existing (known) labels of relationships have expired. It’s easy, continue to like that page, use that app, they are in the business to give you everything in nothing.

We Don’t Waste Time, We Settle It Virtually

“Let me not ping first… he is online and he has not responded to my ping yet! Let me ignore his pings now. I mean the phone is in my hand, so I can read the notification anyway.”

Love and relationships were always about games. But now it is virtual, dirty and very creative.

Let’s Pose Baby, We Have Filters

“Let us live the convenient life, posers online, separate in real life. I know you hate me baby, but it’s just for the ‘likes’, you know this is where I live! And no one will ever know ( when was the last time we actually MET these people)”

Relationships are officially endangered. We call it freedom.

From the ‘Janam-janam ka saath’ (eternal), to the ‘We are family people, let’s make it work’, to the ‘What? Do I know you? You are my partner only on Facebook!’ there is a lot that has changed, and is changing. I call it the love-label phenomenon. And after all what’s in a name?

All rights reserved. Alka Sharma.

Alka Sharma is a life coach and is committed to miracle of transformation. The views expressed are personal. 




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