I hear you ~ I understand you

Being heard is like being understood. It is a feeling that forms the foundation of the deepest connections, inside our brains and with the person who hears us. Many people ask me what coaching is and how it helps. Well this is how it works!

My mind ~ My space

When we enter the deepest space of our thoughts, beliefs and values and pulse them, we find the most unique insights. This is us. Real and unadulterated.

Holding attention ~ Holding hands

Attention is frivilous. When we channelise our attention to understand ourselves, it reveals new aspects. Almost like holding hands it nurtures internal dialogue in our comfort zone.

Sharing ~ Caring

When we share, we are vulnerable. And in our sharing, we acknowledge trust. Trust helps us share and make us feel cared for. It opens our mind for new wiring.

Partnership ~ Bonding

When we partner with someone for self-growth, we bond at a different level. We dwell in the world of possibilities, and limitations fade away. We feel motivated to work on long cherished dreams. And this is the beginning of a new path for new learning.

Coaching helps us leverage insights, create new wiring, stretch ourselves and find renewed zeal by uncovering meaningful goals that fulfill us. It is intensive, highly rewarding and has immense power to unlock productivity. So if you are looking for someone to understand you and hear you, try it!

Live empowered. Start Today!

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All rights reserved. Alka Sharma.

Alka Sharma is a life coach and is committed to miracle of transformation. To schedule a call or meeting write to emailalka@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post. 

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