Quivering fingers. Speaking eyes. Patient lips. Impatient arms. Fragrant breath. Craving soul. The moment couldn’t ask for anything more. It soaks in absolute love. The drops trace my fingers on the french windows. The warm breath fogs the view. You see me. I see myself in you. You. Me. We. Alka Sharma All rights reserved

Drama. Rain. Same.

The madly in love artist paints the horizon with moody colours. Deep grey, smudged dull white, evening blue, broody black. I am missing you. He says. Where are you my love? Pain. Longing. Hope.   ……………..   The longing feeds the pain. The pain fills up the heart. The heavy heart explodes. The clouds dissolve….

Dissolve into each other

The warm caress, the secret longing… The passionate kiss, the caring and belonging… With you by my side, I dissolve into you without thinking… Just like the day dissolves into the night without blinking Alka Sharma All rights reserved