Care Less|Be Happier

He always met me grinning eye to eye, cheating time and space, as if we were never apart. He loved standing on his favourite spot overlooking the fairytale valley to greet family and guests alike. And he waited patiently with his dew drop eyes for a smile, a conversation or a pat on his back….


She lived in her dreams. While the world was chasing answers, she had found the meaning. She didn’t dress up for anyone. She didn’t undress for anyone. It was always her life, her path, her choice. #3linetales Alka Sharma All rights reserved

It’s OK to not be OK

‘This is it!’ he said as he looked at the email message titled ‘URGENT‘ on his phone. His brow furrowed in the middle, just where the wrinkle has deepened and become a permanent feature. He took off his rimless glasses and placed them gently on the coffee table, and placed his index finger and thumb on…

The Sunset Love Diaries #1

‘Just remember, I will only meet you at sunset,’ she said. ‘Don’t follow me, try to contact me in any way, anytime during the day.’ I looked at her as she laid out the rules. Her eyes and words matched, both were lucid…words were harsher. I nodded silently, taken aback by the turn of events….