The world is counting on you

The world is counting on you to make history, You need to step up and volunteer, It yearns to hear your victory cry, You need to choose your purpose and steer, For you are special, and one of a kind, The hero in you is waiting to hear the resounding cheer Alka Sharma All rights reserved Picture: Wall Devil

It’s not easy

It’s not easy to build from zero But remember we have all done it We are our hero It’s not easy to keep your spirits up But remember an end is a beginning disguised You have the faith to brim your cup It’s not easy to believe again But remember you choose the seeds of doubt or hope The choice…

Pain reveals us

Pain reveals us. It tests our resilience, courage and most importantly kindness. Alka Sharma All rights reserved

Zero is good

Zero is good. It’s complete, baggage free and bodes a fresh start. It nurtures possibilities. Alka Sharma All rights reserved

Is this enough?

It’s not that we are unhappy, it’s just that nothing is ever enough! Alka Sharma All rights reserved

One regret at a time

She sat there drooped like the willow, long after the rain stopped. That was her favourite spot in the garden. She was drenched in water. Her soul soaked in regret. She thought if she sat still enough, she could stop time too and then turn it back! Her favourite rose bush gleamed. She looked carefully….


Happiness is knowing yourself, in the sore bruises, in the held back tears. Happiness is believing yourself, in the loneliest spots, the deepest abyss of your fears. Happiness is accepting yourself, Your ugly edges, your real side. Happiness is being yourself, each day, each moment, with no one beside. Alka Sharma All rights reserved

Once upon a chat

Girl: Hey Boy: Yeah Girl: What kind of a casual reply is this?? Boy: I told you I am casual. Girl: And what we have is casual too? Boy: Oh c’mon! Don’t start again… Girl: Start? What did I start? Boy: Nothing honey 😉 Girl: Don’t honey me! Boy: Fine. Girl: Hey Boy: Yeah Alka…