The power of “Yet”

Everything is possible, In time you can do it, I bet, Nothing is conclusive, The journey has just begun, don’t forget, Pick that goal again and with love, Just sprinkle the power of “Yet” Alka Sharma. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Ramnik Chhabra

How many hours have I loved myself?

How many hours have I loved myself? A few sprinkled forgotten moments, it is tough to start calculating now, How many times did I stand up for myself? My soul churns sour memories, I don’t remember speaking up, or fighting the pow-wow, How many moments have I lived for myself? My memory serves empty answers, my…

The world is counting on you

The world is counting on you to make history, You need to step up and volunteer, It yearns to hear your victory cry, You need to choose your purpose and steer, For you are special, and one of a kind, The hero in you is waiting to hear the resounding cheer Alka Sharma All rights reserved Picture: Wall Devil

Is there a meaning?

Is there a meaning beyond what what is seen? A meaning in life, the agony, the joy, the in-between. A meaning in outcomes, that make us feel helpless as a pauper or lucky as a queen. Or is it just by design? Silent, profound or simply unforeseen. Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.  Photo: Ravi Patel

I am sorry

I am sorry for hurting, I never meant harm. I am sorry for not understanding, I tried my best to keep you warm. I am sorry that this apology is between us today, I hope it will wake us up from our ego slumber, like an alarm. Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.      

James Radcliffe | Authentic. Raw. Refreshing.

Like a friend, he shares his journey, fan mail, coffee beans or a travel trend, micro moments, childlike delight, and thoughts navigating through each bend. A philosopher at heart,  he sprinkles inspiration pearls, nurturing his community cart, packaging emotions, embracing feedback,  he builds bridges through art. A musician and artist, He holds back nothing, except…


You are courageous and brave, I adore you for that You are resilient and strong, I love you for that You are kind and gentle, I admire you for that Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.  Daily Prompt

The prayer of the ruins

The walls crumble, brick by brick. You held on to your side. I stayed on mine. We didn’t care. Our love story, call out from the dark corners, torn in a million pieces, here and there. The stairs that we climbed holding hands. The porch where we had long chats, longer than the day. The wide balcony where…