Dream come true

Lilies were my favourite flowers. Pristine white, gentle and virgin. So when I saw them in a dream, I knew it meant something. The dark, broody sea lord walked up to me with the bunch. The fish formed a silver halo around us, sealing in the magic. He gently lifted both his arms in a prayer…

Let’s go get that lighthouse!

‘It’s really far,’ he said, his wrinkly eyes losing the dream like his fading vision. ‘It’s not Dad, it really isn’t,’ I placed my hand gently on his bony shoulder. His trembling, paper-skin hand tapped my hand, acknowledging the gesture, as if that was enough. I took the picture placed on his lap, gave it one…

Magic is within you!

‘I am so bored.’ My patient father, smiled at me, ‘want to see my treasure?’ All of six years, hooked to the promise in the twinkle of his eyes, I nodded, my bouncy curls agreed. Neatly piled souvenirs in all shapes welcomed me in the barn. I stood there frozen, mouth wide open. I picked up the…

Why do you blog everyday?

‘Why do you blog everyday?’ He asked me. ‘It’s good to feel my heartbeat, and even better when it echoes in other’s hearts,’ I replied with a smile. Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. 

Postcard Perfect

Kerala. Words cannot capture the beauty. The sun-kissed grass. The crystal clear water. The fragrant air. Captivating. Blessed. Picturesque. Down Memory Lane: On my first trip to Kerala I was mesmerised by the beauty and this picture is a refreshing postcard shot representing the picture perfect beauty. Alka Sharma All rights reserved IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge