Why choose when I can have both?

‘I love you, I really do,’ he whispered on the phone. He parked his car in the garage and walked hurriedly towards the door. ‘Hi honey,’ his wife welcomed him waiting at the door. She hugged him, took his bag and said, ‘I have cooked your favourite pumpkin soup tonight, honey!’ He sat on the couch,…

The prayer of the ruins

The walls crumble, brick by brick. You held on to your side. I stayed on mine. We didn’t care. Our love story, call out from the dark corners, torn in a million pieces, here and there. The stairs that we climbed holding hands. The porch where we had long chats, longer than the day. The wide balcony where…

The lump

It sat like a lump. Sometimes in my throat. Often in my memories. It was hard work, resilience and a lot of love that went into those years, now a lump. It sat silently. Waiting to be acknowledged. Waiting to dissolve. Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. Picture: pinterest

One regret at a time

She sat there drooped like the willow, long after the rain stopped. That was her favourite spot in the garden. She was drenched in water. Her soul soaked in regret. She thought if she sat still enough, she could stop time too and then turn it back! Her favourite rose bush gleamed. She looked carefully….