We are always striving to become improved versions of ourselves. We workout. We meditate. We join hobby clubs. We party. But are we really happier? Or simply distracted?

In my earlier post As happy as you allow yourself to be , I wrote about zone management in the ‘Interaction Zone’ using ‘React -Respond-Embrace’©.

Let’s understand this a little more.

React: In moments where we feel challenged we react as a coping mechanism. In situations where our innermost emotions get disturbed we react with ‘Flight, Fight or Freeze’, literally being held hostage by the situation. If we can learn to be aware, and just before we release the reaction, acknowledge the emotion, we can over time train our minds for a more measured response.

Respond: The shift from react to respond is in itself a big one. If we can hold, acknowledge and choose the response, we will feel more in control, and maintain our peace and enhance productivity. Over a period of time, these moments of intelligently applied responses create new neurological maps that we start relying on. The old patterns don’t vanish, they just become redundant over time.

Embrace: The more we learn to respond, the more we start trusting our response mechanism. When this is practiced in long-term difficult situations, we get introduced to embracing. This is miles away from the respond phase. Yet, when one truly learns to ‘let go’ and trust their instinct, it becomes a more liberated approach to living life.

The journey from react to respond to embrace is most fascinating. Especially, because while it is applied in external situations, it is all about working on one’s core. When we can clearly feel the edges of the difficult emotions that make us react, but can choose to embrace that as a part of us, rather than the whole of us, it gets its due and we can give it a place. Then we don’t need to avoid it or immerse into it. We just let it be. And move on to enjoy life like it should be, with a free mind and liberated soul.

Live empowered. Start Today!

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Alka Sharma is a life coach and is committed to miracle of transformation. To schedule a call or meeting write to or leave a comment on this post. 


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