Choose thoughts like clothes

Do you find yourself obsessing on unneccesary thoughts? What if you could train your mind to choose thoughts like you choose clothes from the wardrobe?

Label the emotion

Start by labelling the emotion. Sad, Angry, Dissapointed…Be as specific and as closer to the feeling as possible! Now you know how you feel. And you can acknowledge the emotion that by saying, ‘I feel sad…’

Find your zero base

Find a place where you can quietly reflect. What happened? What do I want? How will I respond then? Wait patiently for the response, don’t rush it. Feel the options emerge as you quieten your brainspace.

Match the option

Just like you match your clothes to the mood and occasion, choose your response to the place you want to be. If you want to be at peace, you might want to reappraise factually, and decide to forget and forgive, instead of struggling with the thought and making it worse. Be patient. It’s a process.

Avoid blame, self pity and self infliction

Be aware of any thoughts that might pull you towards blame, self pity and self infliction. This entertains the thought, not you. It will only make it worse. Label the pattern, find your zero base and choose the accurate response.

Practice mindfulness

The more mindful we train ourselves to be, the more in control we feel. Find moments to capture all feelings and senses during meals, meetings, conversations. Feel your emotions, listen and observe your body language, notice patterns and work on them proactively. The more you listen to yourself, the more your mind will listen to you.

Apply your thoughts, yourself

Choosing the right responses and actions where you can apply your potential at its best will allow you to experience more bliss in your own company. This strenghens the core and you will look for less validation outside and leverage more acknowledgement within.

Live empowered. Start Today!

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All rights reserved. Alka Sharma.

Alka Sharma is a life coach and is committed to miracle of transformation. To schedule a call or meeting write to or leave a comment on this post. 

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