Be your OWN BFF

Be your own best friend. The rest will follow. I mean the people, the things, the milestones, everything. Listen to your deepest wishes. Respond to your smallest of desires. Be there, for yourself.

Ways to be your best friend:

Know yourself

What were you proud of when you were 5 years old? Do you remember that? Do you nurture that? Your core values. Your authentic appeal. Your unique qualities. Schedule ‘Sit and Stare’ moments to reflect on these questions. And when you catch yourself smiling at something, nurture, share and celebrate that.

Embrace yourself

Loving oneself, starts by acceptance. Start by saying, ‘I acknowledge and accept myself, just the way I am.’ Self belief is a super power. And acceptance is the first step. Hug yourself. Blow kisses at yourself in the mirror. Write a declaration of love for yourself and read it out aloud. You have no idea how long you have been waiting for this.

Invest in yourself

Investment is the biggest demonstration of love and interest. Start today, one penny, one moment, one thought at a time and invest in your most precious asset, yourself. Chart a learning plan for the year, that course you have been thinking about, that language you fancy, that skill you have been wanting to learn. This will drive your life towards more meaning and bolster your self worth.

Practice mindfulness

In our crowded, noisy lives, we move away from ourselves and become more dependant on external motivation. This changes the dynamics and we feel great highs and miserable lows oscillating to this tune. The key is to find the balance between the absence and the presence, and that balance is inside you. Try being ‘mindful’ when you immerse yourself in any project that motivates you, see what you are learning, how you are feeling, what you can carry ahead, what you can lose behind. Be immersed in your wonder.

Express gratitude to yourself

Gratitude is the gateway to more blessings. So why not start the day by expressing gratitude to ourselves. Gratitude for the patience, for the belief, for the sacrifices, for the perseverance, for being the gorgeous person we are!

Live empowered. Start Today!

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All rights reserved. Alka Sharma.

Alka Sharma is a life coach and is committed to miracle of transformation. To schedule a call or meeting write to or leave a comment on this post. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. B Sharma says:

    Very true observation. Thanks.


  2. Anjali says:

    True in many sense 🙂 But we women are made that ways that we love others before we love ourselves.. It would not be wrong to say that we don’t even have ourselves in our own list sometimes 🙂 But very nicely drafted.. we forget to cherish the small lil moments we had.


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