Care Less|Be Happier

He always met me grinning eye to eye, cheating time and space, as if we were never apart. He loved standing on his favourite spot overlooking the fairytale valley to greet family and guests alike. And he waited patiently with his dew drop eyes for a smile, a conversation or a pat on his back. Not that he expected anything – he would be standing there grinning nonetheless. And nothing deterred him – not when he was left out in the cold with a threadbare rag, or tied to a leash when his friends called him to play or when he fought an irksome flea that he could not get rid of, Woofy never failed to smile. He made it seem so easy, to be happy and grateful. He cared less for lesser things.

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

Photo: Ramnik Chhabra











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