Love will show the way

‘I am not going anywhere!’ she exclaimed, in her -I have made up my mind- tone. ‘But it’s your birthday party,’ I said, and then I thought to my self how upset she would be to refuse to celebrate her happy day with her friends. Today was not the first day. She has been underground for weeks now. She had chased away all her friends and family during this time. I was the only one with a key to her house, and also her heart hopefully.

‘Love, come here, let me hug you,’ I gently placed my warm hand on her shoulder as she sat facing the window, a bundle of despair. I could sense her resistance in her tense muscles as I moved closer. I sat right next to her, clenching my knees close to my chest, just like she sat and looked outside at the setting sun. Its myriad orange hues cast a spell on the moment, as if something magical could be expected.

I stole a glance, her streaked cheeks shone in the reflection, her eyes tired of crying, her lips curling as she held back her emotions. And then, she looked at me and asked me helplessly, ‘When will this get over?’ ‘I don’t know love,’ I answered in an almost whisper like tone, my hand reaching out for hers, ‘But I do know that this is forever’, I signalled at our relationship. ‘This is all we can count on, at least for now, and if this is reason enough, let us please celebrate what we have.’ Her eyes welled up as she broke down and reached out for a hug. The party got replaced by a romantic candle night dinner that evening. We didn’t miss the music, the friends or the gifts, we had each other.

Alka Sharma

All rights reserved








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  1. Naww, CUTE! I love it! I just love the brevity in your writing, in just three paragraphs you just never fail to grip me by the heartstrings! Refusing to let go.

    And I couldn’t be more thankful for that…


    – Ainsworth, Xx


    1. Alka Sharma says:

      Thanks again ! Your encouragement matters. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alka Sharma says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Gratitude.

    Liked by 1 person

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