Start Today…Again!

‘A new beginning?’, she exclaimed! ‘I don’t think I can do all that, all over again!’

‘It’s not that tough!’ I replied, looking straight into her eyes. She was my best friend. My confidante, my guru, my motivational voice in the head. Somewhere along the way, our grasp slipped, and we reconnected after a decade, only to fathom a new reality.

She had lost everything on her list, while I had gained everything on mine.

Remember your favourite line – ‘Trust yourself, you have the power! Don’t feed it to the fears, feed it to your dreams’ – I held her shoulders, as she broke down in tears, helpless, fatigued, like she had waited for seasons to change her destiny, like she had waited for that echo to return and heal her spirit.

‘I had forgotten, but now I do,’ she said as she wiped her teary cheeks and flashed her pixie smile. ‘Let’s start now, I can’t wait another decade!’ she giggled as she hugged me, and we let the moment celebrate its birth.

Alka Sharma

All rights reserved


Photo source: Twitter



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