Hello 40!

Now that I am done saying goodbye to my happening 30’s, its officially time for me to embrace a new beginning. Literally and numerically. Optically, I don’t see much of a difference in this transition, except for a wisdom tooth extraction gone terribly wrong and a weight loss programme that oscillates like my mood swings. I still dream of getting into my skinny jeans, travel to luscious places, learn at least one exotic foreign language and publish a page turner book. Now birthdays are special and for teetotalers like me who plan to get high on masala chai and some diet munchies, well…what can I say…they have potential. So here’s to the 40’s! Here’s to soaring dreams, sterling achievements, adventurous travel and many many more historic mistakes! Stay tuned!

Alka Sharma. All Rights Reserved. seal

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  1. bikurgurl says:

    Happy Birthday! I feel you — Fantastic outlook!


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