The Sunset Love Diaries #7

‘I promise you, this is the last time you will ever cry,’ he said looking at her bleary eyes.

‘No more sorrow, no more pain…’ and before she could say anything, he added, ‘no more questions.’

With possibilities clasped in their hands, they started a new journey. ‘I know you love sunsets, but you know we can watch them everywhere. We will soon find a new spot,’ he said lovingly caressing her hair. She smiled, and shyly remarked, ‘I don’t need a sunset to inspire hope anymore, I have you!’ He kissed her hand, a gentle peck.

They left the city that night. They had no plans. They had no answers. But they had each other. And that was enough.

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.seal

Photo inspiration Ravi Patel

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The Sunset Love Diaries is a love story series for the hopeful!



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  1. I loved the writeup..connecting, and beautiful.. Hoping to read you more😘😘

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    1. Alka Sharma says:

      Thanks so much! Gratitude !

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