The Sunset Love Diaries #6

I took her hands in mine, her wrists wore bruise bangles. I took her drooping head in my hands and lifted her chin up, her eyes were empty, sore and tired, very tired. ‘It’s OK,’ I said as I placed her head gently on my chest, my heart beating faster than ever, ‘We’ll get through this.’

‘I don’t have a normal life,’ she said as she shared her story, few words, more pain. Sold to a brothel as a small child, she was now being sold overseas. When she resisted, she was chained and brutalised. She looked in both directions, tear drops lining her eyes and then continued,’I have come to say goodbye. I am sorry, but forget this like a dream. I have to go.’

‘No,’ I said holding her hand, ‘I won’t let you go, not this time.’ The dark clouds froze to frame the moment. The Sun peeked from behind the haze, desolate and disappointed.

To be continued…

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.seal

Photo inspiration Ravi Patel

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The Sunset Love Diaries is a love story series for the hopeful!

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