The Sunset Love Diaries #2

I plucked a beautiful flower for her today. A ravishing red rose. As I walked towards the spot where we met, I smiled each time my sight fell on the rose, I counted a total of 7 times. She was waiting for me, sitting impatiently on the makeshift seat on the walled fence overlooking the mountain. I adjusted my shirt and tucked it in nervously as I approached her. Her dangling legs froze midway as she turned sideways to see me, and then she flashed her melting smile. ‘ This is for you,’ I handed her the flower. ‘How clichéd!’ she exclaimed, turning up her button nose for a micro-second and then trying to hide her excitement by pursing her lips as she took it in her hand.

‘Is this because you are late? You know how rude it is to keep a lady waiting?’ she asked dangling her legs, moving her fingers through her hair and tucking them behind her delicate ears, her secret smile making a special appearance every now and then. ‘I was choosing the best flower for you in the garden,’ I replied, ‘nothing but the best for you!’ Shy and very giggly now, she turned towards the setting sun, taking in the view. The bright colours danced in her twinkling eyes. She didn’t thank me for the rose. I didn’t apologise for being late. This was our first moment of togetherness.

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved.seal

Photo inspiration by Ravi Patel.

Click here for #1


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