The Sunset Love Diaries #1

‘Just remember, I will only meet you at sunset,’ she said. ‘Don’t follow me, try to contact me in any way, anytime during the day.’ I looked at her as she laid out the rules. Her eyes and words matched, both were lucid…words were harsher.

I nodded silently, taken aback by the turn of events. I played back how I envisioned our first date, warm, tingly, a first chat opening a world of possibilities. I liked her so much! Her wavy chocolate hued hair fell rippling on her shoulders and framing her beautiful face and long neck, her warm aqua eyes and her impossibly perfect smile that could melt the toughest heart.

I wanted to know so much more about her. I wanted to get closer to her. My finger tips danced tentatively between the yawning distance between us. She wasn’t looking at me, she just looked ahead at the glorious sunset, burnt orange, spilling colour on the horizon, as if it owned the sky. Well at that moment the sunset owned the moment too.

To be continued…

Alka Sharma. All rights reserved. seal

Inspired by Ravi Patel‘s Photo collection













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