Letting go is powerful

It’s not easy to let go. We dream, build and then protect our space, possessions and relationships. And then time plays the role of the mighty catalyst. This is when we find ourselves at the crossroads of clinging-on or letting-go.

Our relationships extract a lot from us – our time, sacrifices (daily), the continuous thought and care to nurture each aspect. And somewhere our lives get fused with these relationships, giving it a semblance of a forever. This is the ultimate tragedy. This moment when we think that it will last. Because nothing does.

Time and people are variables that move in opposite directions. And I was caught unaware at this intersection trying to make it work, without realising that I was getting consumed instead, in the worthless effort. It’s not easy quitting for someone who isn’t a quitter. But it was never about me, I learnt later.

After travelling miles of negotiations, debates and melodrama, I learnt to let go, not because it was easy, but because there was nothing to hold on to. Letting go of fictitious relationships. Letting go of the stinging memories. Letting go of the will to win just because I tried my best. Letting go is powerful. It means choosing freedom over suffering, for yourself. I am so glad I made that journey.

So, it’s not easy to let go. But it is the right thing to do sometimes. Now I dream, build and protect my space, my relationship with myself and the most beautiful possession, my life!

For ‘The things we leave behind’

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  1. jaikant says:

    Satisfaction in loss can be experienced in yet another way. When one knows, finally, that nothing can be done, craving ends and you experience peace. The result has come in , the suspense is at an end and nothing remains to be done. You have done what you could. The mind is at rest.


    1. Alka Sharma says:

      Yes, I agree. Thanks for your words. The chase ends and the closure seals the peace.


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