Once upon a chat

Boy: So what’s for dinner? ‘ Do I have to ask everyday?’

Girl: I am not cooking today . ‘Why does he expect me to?’

Boy: Oh, that’s fine honey 🙂 ‘Seriously, again?’

Girl: I am so tired today. ‘I have a life!’

Boy: I can understand, its so hectic for ya! ‘Ya, online shopping can be such a drag!’

Girl: My fingers hurt. ‘And my nail paint needs a touch-up’

Boy: Awww! ‘Swiping on those dresses you didn’t buy’

Girl: Let’s order tonight na! ‘Don’t you get hints?’

Boy: Ya sure honey, what would ya like? ‘Kill me please!’

Girl: Non-fat, No-non-veg, No pickle, No heavy salad dressing on the side…you know what I like! ‘Gosh, he needs a manual on everything’

Boy: That’s it! Sure baby! ‘Do we have a vote here?’

Alka Sharma


Language in ‘quotes’ is the voice in the head.

Chat stories is a new blog series. This is a representation of random conversations on chat platforms. Just for fun. All rights reserved.

Image: Zazzle

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