Fly High

This is your chance. Your golden ticket. You can soar and achieve anything you desire. Look within. There is an ocean of possibilities. Look outside. There are many reasons. You are the source. You are the core. And everyday, just like the morning gives us a chance to start anew, you can start with anything you wish. Something new. Something incomplete. Something never done before. Something waiting to be brought to life. So fly high. Don’t look down. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t allow doubt to crowd your mind. Embrace life. And it will embrace you.

Alka Sharma

All rights reserved


IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge


Gist: You can achieve whatever you want.


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  1. jaikant19 says:

    There must be an aim in the life.Without aim,life becomes rigid and rigidity is proportional to inertia.There is fire inside everyone.Keep it burning to make your life more purposeful and usefull.


  2. A new sunrise and better hopes! Nice read.. 🙂

    Welcome to IBMC. Thank you for picking up the challenge! 🙂 Excited to read the further challenge prompts and your takes on them.. 🙂


  3. Manav says:

    Time to anew …lovely


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